Phantom Stimulator

Innovation for amputees; walk with more stability, better balance, and increased mobility.

We believe that people should live life to the fullest.

Our core product, the Phantom Stimulator, is an innovative non-invasive technique that generates the feeling of nerve feedback in lost limbs for amputees. It works by stimulating nerve fields in the body that host the lost sensations.


The Pulse Generator is completely portable, and can be attached or integrated to virtually any standard prosthetic leg, and the Receptive Fields on the skin are wireless and easy to apply.


The results of this non-invasive sensor allow amputees to walk with more stability and on various terrains (such as hiking trails), as CortXSenSorics clients enjoy better balance and increased mobility.



How does it work?

The amputation of a limb disrupts its nerve pathways that terminate in the somatosensory cortex of the opposite hemisphere of the brain. As a result, synapses at the corresponding target neurons decay.

They may be replaced by new synapses that are formed by nerve fibres from neighboured areas of the somatosensory region.

For instance, after the amputation of the right foot, fibres that originate in the hand area of the left somatosensory cortex may penetrate the idling foot area and form new synapses there.

Stimulation of the sites of the skin on the right hand then triggers phantom sensations in certain parts of the lost foot.

Using a portable pulse generator (simulator) that is controlled by two pressure sensors located at the ball and the heel of the sole of a shoe, the corresponding receptive fields on the skin of the hand can be stimulated electrically and phantom sensations of the ball and heel can be triggered during each step.





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