We design, research and build products that help those with limb loss and mobility impairment to reach their dreams.

CortXSenSorics is a design, research and production company which provides products that help individuals with limb loss and mobility impairment a means of reaching their goals and dreams.

We at CortXSenSorics work with our partners and amputee product users to find solutions that enable people to live more active lives, to achieve greater mobility and to bring them back to a normal way of life with their prosthetic. Our understanding of both fine and gross motor activity,  along with our experience of sensors, measuring systems and their manufacture have prepared us to add a sense of feeling to your prosthetic.

We actively engage in the science of gait and focus all of our efforts on designing systems for prosthetics that are based on a sound understanding of those principles.

CortXSenSorics – Regain the Feeling of Life!


We believe that people should live life to the fullest.

Our vision is to become the preeminent supplier of sensors for prosthetics in North America and Europe. Through cutting edge Research and Development, our products will continue to evolve to offer sensor feeling to those who have lost limbs through amputation.


Along with our certified channel partners and prosthetic manufacturers, we will develop and distribute cutting edge products for amputees who use prosthetics and wish to experience more natural feeling without any mobility restrictions.


Our products will enhance the lives of our clients and CortXSenSorics will continue to develop solutions that will impress, astound and offer a more full life with no physical barriers.


Develop technology that aides amputees who wear prosthetics.

Our mission is to allow those with amputations to live a full and active life with absolutely no restrictions, by applying technology to emulate the lost nerves. Through R&D and Engineering, our products allow amputees to realize lost nerve feelings that they have considered impossible to regain.